Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm turning into Maria!

I'm on some new medicine, which so far is working great for my pain issues! Unfortunately it is messing with my sleep patterns. I am wide awake at 3 a.m. and sleeping in until 11, which is highly, highly unusual for me (normally I'm barely standing at 10:30 and on the go at 7).

Hopefully I can fix things before I go back to work, but in the end I'm not too worried about. It will correct itself or I will just adjust to the new sleep pattern, no worries, especially since the intended medicinal effects seem to be working.

Tonight I stayed up late playing Gemfire, a fantastic NES game that we used to play when I was little. It's the only strategy-esque game I've ever been able to do well at, probably because of its simplicity, and I'm doing much better at it now that my brain has developed past 8 years old. I'm a lot better at the logical thinking these days.

I also absorbed about half of Jurassic Park this evening, which I haven't read in ages. My mind devours books, grom grom grom!!

Night everybody!

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