Saturday, May 12, 2007


Today at the farmer's market the Honey Man was there! I AM SO HAPPY! Of course, many people at the farmer's market sell honey, but this is the guy I normally buy from. See, lots of the local honey here is clover honey, the really dark, strong kind. But this guy also sells a really light honey that is super mild and delicious. I'm not sure what flowers the bees make it from, but I have yet to find another like it.

I had meant to buy one of his giant 5lb containers of honey to last me through the winter, but the last few markets in November he was not there. I was so sad. I tried finding lighter honeys at various stores, but none could compare. As the opening of the farmer's market for the spring approached, I had secret fears that Honey Man's bees had fled the planet on their bee ship, like so many bees have been doing as of late (they know something we don't, I am convinced).

But today I am rewarded for my patience! Joyous day! Return of Honey Man! I got home and had the most delightful spoonful of splendor I have had since winter set in. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

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