Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Avatar was a gorgeous movie! But it could have been about 2 hours shorter, I think.

The post-movie baller consensus was that this would make a fantastic MMO, due to the rich detail of the world and the potentially awesome mechanic of interfacing with the ecology. Lots of cool plants, cool creatures and whatnot.

Watching it in 3D actually took an edge off of the effects, so that everything felt more "real." I have a sense that if I'd watched it in non-3D it would have felt fake and overly-ridiculous. It was a nice use of 3D versus the classic hand-toward-the-camera gag that a lot of movies do.

Meanwhile, the story was painfully predictable. Paaaaaaaaaainfully.

"Only 5 people have ever been giant-dragon-thing-riders since the beginning of time!"

Whelp, there's about to be 6!

Oh no, we tried to transfer bodies but she was too weak and died. Translation: foreshadowing that they're going to perma-bind Jake to the body.

All is lost! Everyone is dying! The badguys are going to win! Oh look, all the animals decided to attack and save the day. DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!

There were a few surprises, granted, like the mech suit having a knife?? I literally bursted out "WHAT" in the theater! I guess all mech suits need to be equipped with giant robot knives in case they have giant robot knife fights?

Anyway, it was definitely a beautiful world, and is probably best appreciated in 3D on the big screen, so I can't say "wait for rental" very fairly. See at your own risk!

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