Tuesday, November 19, 2002


D Flo is an awesome composer, and since I feel like showing off other people's stuff today, I figured a plug was in order. Now, I used to play the piano (still wish I did), so I have the inklings of musical know-how, but the thought of *creating* a piece of music is infinately perplexing to me (and the thought of how he mulls about in the music lab composing day and night like a phantom is infinately+1 perplexing to me).

Anyway, here's an impressive Sonata he wrote, and I can't for the life of me remember who is performing it! Pity, too, I wanted to give her kudos (D Flo likes to write pieces that will make the fingers of any normal pianist shrivel and fall off, so anyone who can play one of his works has my admiration). Crank it up, it was recorded in an open room, so the volume's somewhat low. So, with a little title addition by me...

Sonata #1 in D Flo Minor

I feel rather lucky that he said he would write a score for the cartoon I will create for this year's student film festival. Muahaha!

Stay tuned for further showing off of other people's stuff...

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