Saturday, November 2, 2002


I've never known anyone to get so panicky over ironing a shirt!

"Will you help me do this?"
"Yeah sure, it's easy, just take the iron and go chwoo chwoo chwoo and you're done."
"Okay okay...AHHH!! IT'S STEAMING!!"
"It's okay!! That's normal, that's okay."
"But what if it catches fire!"
"It won't..."
"AHH!! It's still wrinkled!!"
"Don't worry, just go over it again.."
"CALM DOWN!! It'll be fine.."
"Okay okay...phew...alright.....GAHHH!"

Anyway, dancing tonight, even though half the campus has the Centre plague. And I finally de-lazified myself and updated my site.

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