Monday, May 31, 2004

Obligatory LotR rambling

Matinee and Manatee are way too close of words, especially since I often mispell the latter as "manitee". In reading LJs I have been confused one too many times as to why someone would want to go see a manatee show, I mean, they aren't that exciting.

Anyway, I have a question for you LotR people out there. So, Gollum used to be something that was somewhat related to a hobbit, right? However, his race seemed to be almost instantly overtaken by the ring's power (hence the initially struggle and murder upon finding the ring), whereas Frodo and Bilbo and all thems hobbits seem to have a decent resistance to it. Explain!

(Brendan's explanation was that Gollum's race were fishermen, and thus took on the traits of the fish, and thus were naturally cold-hearted. While it was a decent impromptu explanation, I'm sure *someone* can make up something a big more reasonable)

In other news, I got my room cleaned and organized, and am 90% unpacked. Tomorrow I have plans to do some arting, maybe even drag out my oil paints.

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