Friday, July 4, 2008


Recently a friend and I were discussing old school giant monster movies, and how we were both fond of them as children. I was a big fan of Godzilla and Co. Having forgotten the name of my favorite monster (though I remembered him quite fondly), I did a bit of internetting and figured out his name. Can you guess who?


I loved this guy, and I always felt terribly sorry for him. He was a shy aquatic monster, minding his own business, and he kept getting mind-controlled! In fact, his movie represents the very thing I disliked about giant monster movies, in spite of loving the monsters. I was always frustrated that the monsters were always fightin each other. I wanted them to make friends, and then go cause mischief. This was never the case.

Titanosaurus had a particularly bad case. I was absolutely convinced that the humans in the movie and Godzilla were going to try and help T-saur out, by getting rid of the stupid mad scientist that was mind controlling him. I was CERTAIN that the giant sonic ray the humans built were going to disrupt the mind control waves, and T-saur would be free.

But no. They just used it to weaken him enough so Godzilla could kick his ass. What jerks! And Godzilla, come on, what an ass-face thing to do! The whole matter soured my relationship with Godzilla. Giant monsters should stick up for one another. They may as well have MCed poor T-saur off a cliff. Jerks.

Anyway, it was the point where I gave up hope that a monster movie would ever turn out the way I wanted, so I gave up on them. Still adored the monsters, though!

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