Friday, June 13, 2008


Insomniac is a very pleasant place to work as far as team atmosphere goes. I love Fridays, because on Fridays lunch is brought in, and everyone eats together. I know many companies do stuff like this, but often times it's just sort of "oh yay, free food," grab your stuff and go.

Here, it is like a family reunion, as everyone quite playfully grabs their food and perches on every available surface to eat together. Warm little pods form as people pile onto couches and overflow to sit on the floor, gathered together to chat and eat.

I've been trying to nose out different pods each Friday so I can get to know the whole company, and I'm always welcomed in without hesitation (in spite of the fact that I can't remember names for crap let alone whether someone is an artist or programmer or designer or what).

It's an extraordinary compliment to the hard-working nature everyone here has exhibited so far. It has a very "work hard, play hard" sort of feel, and I am every so grateful to feel so at home. What a fantastic internship!

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