Sunday, December 21, 2008

Simultaneous Attraction and Repulsion

Yesterday, Jesse and I were chatting about a Civil War game he picked up out of curiosity. We were speculating on what a Civil War FPS might be like*. Jesse figured a lot of bayoneting, and I figured a lot of gangrene.

"Oh!" I said suddenly, "what if there is an amputation mini-game with a hacksaw?"

IMMEDIATELY after the words fell from my fingers, I recoiled in horror. UGGGH!! Ew!! EW!

"Undo, UNDO!" I shouted, but alas, once an idea is birthed into the world, it cannot be forced back from whence it came. It is here to stay.

Even though I shuddered at my horrible idea, it kept coming back up in conversation, both then and again tonight.

At one point I even said, "I want someone to make a BVW World about it. NO I DON'T!"But it wouldn't leave my brain! Imagine the sound design on that. Bits of!! UGGH!! STOP IT.

Jesse laughed and said that there's no word yet for those mysterious things which attract and repulse at the same time. And he's right. Attempting to google it only brings up some science journal article titled "Independent functions of slit-robo repulsion and netrin-frazzled attraction regulate axon crossing at the midline in Drosophila." Which, of course, is not helpful at all. Do scientists publish these things and then giggle behind our backs? Netrin-frazzled, indeed.

Anyway, my poor, horrible Civil War FPS amputation mini-game may as well get logged away on my great list of ideas. Perhaps writing it down will cast it away for good. And who knows, perhaps it will come in handy someday. Poor little idea. Uggh....*shudder**apparently it's pretty terrible.

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