Saturday, October 10, 2009

What I want for Christmas

I'm really bad at asking for Christmas presents, mostly because when someone asks me, my mind goes totally blank. Sure, there are things that I think "this would be nice to have," here and there throughout the year, but I can never recall them on the spot.

So this year I started keeping track of things with Amazon's wishlist, hence this materialistic post. Not that I want ALL of these things, but it gives a narrower pool of selection than I usually leave my exasperated family with. Oh well!

Now that I'm a game designer, I feel justified in seeking out new games to play, or old games to play, or the like.

Boom Blox Bash Party - because my original copy of Boom Blox gets more play out of it than pretty much all of my other Wii games.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii - because I'm always on the lookout for cooperative 4-player games.

New Super Mario Bros - because I'd like to get more games for my DS.

Rhythm Heaven - see previous note about expanding my DS collection.

Far Cry 2 - I saw several talks about this game at GDC, and I'm curious to see if it is all that it claims to be.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - wait, didn't I already beat this?? Well, yes, but it was so good that I feel like I want a permanent addition to my library. Plus I'd like to try it again on hard some day.

Stuff for my bike
Now that I'm primarily a bike commuter, I could use a few tools to make my life easier and safer.

Bike Gloves - because they do make things more comfortable.

A standing pump - I have a hand pump right now, which is good for emergencies, but I don't have the arm strength to get my tires to their max PSI

U-lock - I only have a little cable lock right now.

Cat Stuff
When the new year rolls around, I want to get a cat! Some help on the starter supplies would be awesome.

A litter box

Cat tree

Clicker training kit!

That's a pretty healthy list right there. I also want to get yankee candles and more kitchen stuff, but that's all gift-card-worthy business.

Ta-da! A list at last.

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