Monday, April 5, 2010

You seem to have alot of interests/hobbies/activities your currently active in, are all game designers like this or are their "lazier" ones?

Hmmm, an interesting one... I'm going to switch out "lazier" with "more directed in their interests," because I honestly don't think I know any lazy designers. It is true that I have a pretty eclectic pool of interests and experiences, and I do pull from each of them to help me in game design. Let me do a mental tally of the game designers I know and stack up their interests and hobbies, just a sec...

*Thoughtful intermission*

Interesting. On the one hand, 99% of the designers I know do each have a pretty varied range of other-than-game activities in which they participate and incorporate into their lives (cooking, music (listening, creating, performing), creative writing, outdoorsing, juggling, curling, building ninja warrior courses in their backyards, epic badminton tournaments, photography, going to the theater, slacklining, and on and on). Even the ones that are extremely passionate and devoted narrowly to playing games are generally up for the seeking out of new experiences. I guess that makes sense, it's like field research - the gathering of experiences.

On the OTHER hand, it would seem that most of the other game devs I know - programmers, artists, etc. - also fall into this boat of eclectic interest. Could it be that this is a common feature among game developers in general?

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