Sunday, October 30, 2011

Free Thing for November

So I slacked off in October for the Free Event for the month.  Partially because Blizzcon and Halloween-themed activities ate up that time.  Time to forge ahead and look at November!

Tuesday, Nov 2, 6-10pm Day of the Dead Festival.  I know it's tough to get people rallied to go out and about on a weeknight, but I really love Dia de los Muertos stuff and would really enjoy checking this out.  If anyone would be up for a middle-of-the-week adventure, please let me know!

Saturday, Nov 12, 2-3pm Family Origami Day.  Who doesn't love origami!

Saturday, Nov 12, 3:30 - 5:30pm Myth-busting Bats.   I love bats so much, they are the coolest critters ever.  I also like nature lectures a lot.

Saturday, Nov 19, 2-5pm Yarn Bombing Los Angeles Collective.  Just a meeting of a local knit group that's open to the public and free.  I'm secretly a knitter.

If any of those sound intriguing, please let me know and I'll get an event organized up!

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