Friday, June 13, 2003


I brought The Stand with me to Stockbridge, because I thought I could use a big book to keep me occupied for awhile. I like it, I read it last summer, but I think the main reason I enjoy reading it is that it is very long, and thus can sustain my fast reading habits for more than a few days.

I finished the thing in a week and a half. After sitting a moment to figure out what to read next, I discovered that I still have Brendan's copy of Watchmen that he loaned to me awhile back (so Brendan, if you've been searching for it, you know where it is now ^_^). I started it yesterday and am nearly through.

I was fretting all day about what I would read next, and where I would get a book, fretting all through checking my email. "Where on *earth* am I going to find a book to read?" I thought. Then I remembered I was in a library and felt really dumb.

Seriously, though, it's been a long time since I've gotten books from a library for anything more than research, I'd nearly forgotten what wonderful things libraries are (and not just for an internet addict to check her email while she's stranded in Massachusetts).

I picked up Watership Down, because it's something I've always intended to read, and also The Once and Future King, because my friend, Carlton, and I were pondering over its role in X2, and he said that I should read it and then tell him all about it. I guess being a fast reader has its advantages. If I can finish The Stand in a week and a half, I should have no trouble finishing two normal-sized books in two weeks.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any good recommendations of very long books (like, 1500 pages or more...and Not Moby Dick), leave them here. I need long books!

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