Friday, June 27, 2003


Whew! Been awhile since an update, but it's been awhile since I could snag a ride to the library. Many things have happened! I will divide them up by "good" or "bad" on a case by case basis.

Bad: It's quite hot, and humid too. The sort of weather where you drink water every half an hour and never have to pee.
Good: At least it's stopped raining!

Bad: I had to use the router last week, which is the scariest power tool ever (on the up side, my favorite power tool--the compound sliding miter saw--is doing quite nicely and has yet to cut off my hand).
Good: I got to dull the blade of a machete by beating it against a rock.

Bad: You know how I was gonna wait until the end of the summer to buy myself a PS2? You know, as a reward? WELL, due to the unspeakable PEER PRESSURE of a certain, left-shoulder-perching, demon winged friend (I won't mention any names (*cough*Carlton*cough*), I went out and bought one, and RUINED my goal.
Good: I have a PS2 now.

Bad: While buying said PS2, I also purchased Ghost Recon, and though I am 21 years old, I got CARDED for buying a Rated R game.
Good: I'm sure it'll do me good when I'm 40.

Bad: I'm terrible at volleyball.
Good: Nate the Carp taught me how to throw a hammer! Now I will return to school and amaze all my ultimate frisbee friends! ...or something.

Overall, things are good, plenty of work, plenty of play.

By the way, does anyone have a spare LJ code laying about? D Flo wants to start a journal, so he'll have a place to rant, and so I won't have to advertise his music for him (he can do it himself!). Hope everyone is well!

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