Monday, October 20, 2003

"Are you in Love with her?, "Well, that's a bit strong", "Oh...are you in Like with her?"

It has been the weekend of visits! Homecoming brought such lovely visitors at Ken, Evan, and the beautiful Alison Furlong, along with many others that I did not see because I was so busy.

It did not end there, though, as I arrived at my glass slot, tired and unmotivated, who should I see but Nathan Whitfield--the genius (though he denies it firmly, I know it's true, he can't hide it from me). Seeing Nate is always a trip, he always has adventurous stories to share. He even helped me blow glass, as Anne had to leave the slot early. Hooray for visits!

Speaking of visits, 2 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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