Monday, November 10, 2003

Inappropriate? What??

Oy, what a mess.

So I've been having weird access problems to my site. Someone's server blocked it for adult content, which was really bizarre. I wasn't sure if it was the domain name--if was once the domain name for an adult site, or if it was the host, or what. Strother, however, through some research, discovered my suspicions to be true. Apparently, was at one time the domain of a site boasting, ahem, "inappropriate" content, and the link to the domain is still present in many link directories.

Sure enough, I look up in, and there it was. DOH! >_< I suppose, ultimately, the worst this does is redirect pornography-seekers to my happy little art site, which may cause a bit of confusion, but nothing else. However, it does make me sad that people's servers are blocking my site for adult content. Alas! I suppose that's not something I'll be able to shake the residual effects away, but I don't suppose I should go applying for or some such, either.

Ugh. x_x

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