Saturday, August 14, 2004


So last night Carleton and I went to see Aliens vs. Predator



Well, we went in pretty much expecting the worst movie in the world, and thus our mindset allowed the movie to be enjoyable and good compared to our standards. They we pretty straightforward about it, all throughout it was like the movie was trying to tell us "Yeah, we know, we aren't trying to fool anybody here, just sit back and enjoy the spectacle."

Carleton said the only resemblence the movie had to the comics was the Predators' basic ship design, and that was pretty much it.

My favorite part: The humans are in the sacrificial chamber, they drop a glowstick through a floor grate and see it land. "Oh, there is a chamber below," they conclude. A few scenes later, the main character is carefully consulting her compass. "This must be the room below the sacrificial chamber," she concludes...from her compass, mind you, not the fact that they find their HUGE RADIATING GLOWSTICK ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF THEM!! It had me in giggles for awhile.

So, the moral of the story was, if you kill an alien all by yourself, the Predator will say "aw, I guess you're cool, you can hang with me."

They never did resolve how she got out of the antarctic wasteland all by herself, though.

In other news, I finished Panda's commission. Yay! Doing it gave me a better idea of ranging of prices to charge for commissions, in case I ever start taking them regularly.

The next couple of days will be devoted to packing and preparing for the big move. Nervous!

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