Monday, August 9, 2004

Back from the Gather

Back from the Con! I posted a review over on the Gather Journal if anyone's interested. It was fun times, I met cool people and had fun. Art sales were very slow this year all across the board, and not much went to auction at all. It was disappointing, but oh well, I did sell a few things (my sculpey dragons and mask) and I got lots of compliments and "bring this to the show next year when I have money and I'll totally buy it" comments, so oh well. Hopefully things will bounce back next year.

I also met a guy (well, re-met, he's been at that con every year) and found out he did glassblowing at Illinois State in Che Rhodes' program, small world and all that.

I also get to now reveal the commission I'd been working on this summer, which I had to keep secret because it was commissioned to give to one of the guests at the Con as a gift:

It's a long story, but I'm proud of the drawing. It's watercolor, colored pencil, ink and a bit of acrylic.

Anyway, I only have like a week before I leave for Connecticut, it's getting exciting and scary. I now have such mundane goals as getting my room clean and packing, both of which will be considerable chores in their own right.

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