Saturday, January 11, 2003

Mario Paint

The first week of furnace building has drawn to a close, and I think we've gotten a lot accomplished so far. We seem to alternate between a day of getting lots done and a day of disaster and error and getting nothing done. But, we're almost completely finished with the substructure, yay!

The other day, was explaining his experience in practical applications in math. Coincidentally enough, I had a similar experience this week, though it mostly involved figuring out how many insulating fire bricks we'd need and at what angles they'd have to be cut to fit in the circular glory holes. It served as further proof that the easiest facets of math--like adding and multiplying--slip beyond my grasp.
"Let's see...12 x 7...uhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........::gets out calculator." Oh well, at least there were some math majors there to help me out.

In other news, D Flo is a musical genius. Well, that's not really news, but we were playing with Mario Paint last night. D Flo whipped out this amazing little piece, even under the limitations of only having quarter notes, only three notes together at a time, and replacement of traditional instruments with mushrooms, geese, and airplanes. I was amazed, so I made a little animation for him (a dancing kitten, to be specific). I'd forgotten just how fun Mario Paint can be.

Plus, the collaboration reminded me of how I need to get crackin on my entry for the film festival. It's almost all storyboarded, and since Flora's also writing music for Patrick for Chalk Circle in the spring, I need to give him as much time as possible to help me out.

For now, I'll just get my laundry done...

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