Thursday, April 24, 2003

Frickin decisions

I have a dilemna.

I'm almost certain I've brought this up several times in several different places, but it has come down to crunch time. I have to pick a focus for my art major.

Up until now, I'd been leaning almost 100% towards glass. The reasoning, since I listed out everything I could and realized I love glass and painting EXACTLY the same, was because Nick and Augustine (my fellow art majors) are doing painting, so I figured I'd throw in some variety. However, I talked to Sheldon about it, and a number of issues have brought themselves up.

1. Steve is going on sabbatical in the fall term. Now, I could still do an independent study, and I'm sure Bohack could still help me, but Sheldon was concerned that I wouldn't get the proper critique I needed to develop work for my show. This is indeed a serious concern, for while my glass is improving, it's nowhere near where I'd like it to be and I have a long way to go.

2. I explained to Sheldon that another reason I was leaning towards glass was that I felt it was an easier outlet for my cartoony nature than painting. My oil paintings always seem to turn out darker and more serious, and I think I want to do something lighter for my show. However, Sheldon then said, "Well, you have a solid enough foundation in painting that if you'd like to pursue a more humorous route, we could arrange that. I mean, you could bring in a portfolio of your outside work and we could look over it and set something up, I've seen your website and the comics you do for The Cento, but I'm sure you have other things." Basically, that's Sheldon-speak for "you can do cartoons for your senior show if you want to." My response..


This changes EVERYTHING. I'd dismissed the possibility of doing my more illustrative stuff for my senior show in the very beginning, because I didn't think it'd be appropriate, or thought Sheldon would dismiss the idea. This opens up a whoooooooole new realm of possibilities.

So this swings me right back to dead center regarding the choice between glass and painting. Now, let it be known, that this is not an issue of doing both. A lot of people have noted that "it's not fair" that I have to pick, or say "why can't you do mixed media?" That's not an issue at all. Even if I *had* the option of doing both, I would NOT do it, because...simply enough...I would die. Explode even.

It's a troubling decision for me. All my glass buddies want me to do glass, and Emil hovers over me when I'm not looking to say I should do painting. I'm hesitant to ask advice from aquaintances, because glass is usually the default answer (because it's cool). If I had some idea of what I was going to be doing with my art in the future, it could help me decide, but as of yet I have no idea.

I suppose, all in all, it's a better situation to be in than others. I mean, I love them both, so no matter which I choose, I will be happy doing it. I will just miss not being able to do the other one. This is the first term I haven't been able to take both glass and painting, and while I miss painting terribly. I know that if the roles were reversed, I would be dying to get into the hot shop. I'm getting no gut feeling about which of these is the better choice, but this matter is too big to let the Coin of Fate decide. Graaaaaaaaaaah!!!

...on a less important, more aesthetic note, I also have to decide whether I want to get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Sheldon says to pick whichever looks best behind my name, and Dr. Shannon recommends I pick the one corresponding to my preferred color for the hoods. It's nice to have a less pressing decision to make in addition to the bigger one. What do you think?

Regarding the bigger decision, I just don't know. I keep hoping I will talk to someone and they will give me the perfect advice, and I'll be able to decide without hesitation. Maybe I'll go talk to Judith.

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