Friday, April 16, 2004

Outdoor classes

The weather is beautiful today, and as such the entire campus has decided to take advantage of it. In addition to the common student-napping-or-studying-on-a-blanket which pops up all over the lawns, many professors decided to teach their classes outside today.

As I walked across campus, the "outdoor classrooms" were all full (these consist of a big bunch of chairs and benches for professors who decide to have class outside), there was also a professor professing off the bug statue, as well as many classes grouped together out in the grass. Lectures in sidewalk chalk covered the walkways, from calculus equations to Hebrew lessons.

Of course, I observed all this as I walked inside to my computer science class, because we comp sci majors are doomed to the indoors on the nicest of days. Oh well, I'm sure if I'd had class outside I would quickly be whining about the heat and complaining of the bugs. ^_^

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