Sunday, April 25, 2004

Why a Duck?

So, for the past week or so, the amount of dreams I have had involving the Marx Brothers has been steadily increasing. I can only take that as an omen for the upcoming Centre production of The Cocoanuts thing I know for sure is that the kids involved have been working HARD on it.

I like the Marx Brothers fine and well, though most of my knowledge of them...much like Apocalypse Now and Citizen Kane...has come from cartoons making parodies of them. I remember one episode of Tiny Toon Adventures where the students had to study comedians of the past, and so they did this Marx Brothers bit where I *think* Buster was Chico and Hampton was Zeppo. My memory is a little fuzzy on that one, but I know for sure that Babs was Groucho and Go-go Dodo was Harpo. Ah, Harpo, he's always been my favorite Marx Brother, you know.

DON'T DISAPPOINT ME COLIN!!!! No pressure or anything.

So let's have a contest. Who is YOUR favorite Marx Brother?

Reply with a comment here and tell me, and then I'll tally up the votes and the winner.......well. I don't really know yet. Maybe I'll draw a picture of Wertle dressed up as them, or something silly like that.

Anyway, vote here, go see The Cocoanuts this week if you are on or near Centre's campus, and have a lovely week.

You are Harpo Marx!
Quiet, but very expressive, you are probably the
most misunderstood, talented person there is.
You are good at slapstick comedy, and are
considered a fun, easy going person. You
consider friendship very important and tend to
form lasting bonds through out your lifetime.

Which Marx Brother are you?
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