Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A leaf bug has decided to board with us for the winter. I noticed him at first before leaving for break, hanging out on our dish drying rack. Today, I found him again in the shower.

First, yes, I know that it is extremely likely that these are two entirely different leaf bugs. But what harm is there in pretending that it's just the one?

Anyway, I presume his lingering on dishes and in the shower is for the available water source. Today, though, he appeared to have been caught in there while someone else was in the shower, and was quite waterlogged. I brushed him with a toilet paper square to soak up some of the excess water (enough so that he could pull his antennae apart, at least. They were stuck together) and he scuttled along the rim of the bath.

Part of me was concerned that I should move him out of the bathroom, for fear that one of my roommates may not be so keen on having a bug in the house for the winter. But, I decided that he probably knew what he was doing, and didn't want to disrupt his access to a water source.

Winter is always tough for me, because my typical method for finding bugs in the house is to catch them and put them outside. But during the cold cold winter, I of course can't do this! What am I supposed to do with these bugs? Usually I just let them be, but I don't want my roommates to stomp them, so where can I hide them for the winter months?

Maybe I should start a bug terrarium in the basement.

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