Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hello Moon

The Matrix Reloaded has become a new and easy way to pick out exactly who speaks French among a group of people gathered in a movie theater.

I watched the eclipse tonight, it was nice and clear (save a few wandering clouds), and it was fun to rouse up others in the vacinity to go and watch. It started out as a large group of students and professors lounging on the side of the road to watch. As the eclipse lingered in totality for a bit, people wandered back in to study for their respective exams, or get sleep or some such.

I chilled out a bit longer outside, watching the moon with Sheldon's cat, and took Inky's departure to go do kittie night time things as a signal to head on in. By in, of course, I mean Rodes. Brendan, D Flo, and Alison left long ago to do a scene rehearsal, and have not been back. I fear Grant has eaten them. I hope they got to see the eclipse also.

Discrete Math exam tomorrow, then I'm clear until Monday. Although I feared the speed with which the year was ending, I forgot how everything seems to sloooooooooow down during finals week. It's a good thing.

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