Wednesday, May 7, 2003


I got to have an extremely brief visit with and yesterday as I ventured to UK to see their Beowulf Cluster for a presentation. I was sad that the stay was so short, but I had to get back to Centre for the Honors Convocation, because I'd received a cryptic note in campus mail informing me that I would receive an honor.

I also learned an important lesson about Centre's Honors Convocation. It is very different from the honors assemblies in high school. The college superiors must have done research into how little one really cares about a fancy certificate that you'll just throw in a box as soon as you return home, and decided to give students something worthwhile for their honors.

Now, we all know that there are two fundamental worthwhile prizes: food and money. Having missed dinner, I would have been thrilled to receive a cookie for my outstanding achievement in art, but when I discovered that the little envelope I got did NOT contain a dinky certificate, but a check, I was equally enthusiastic.

If they'd given us money in high school honors assemblies, I would have been much more spirited about going! So that was my pleasant surprise for the week, I'll use it to buy art supplies...or maybe a playstation 2 ¬_¬

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